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We are not just a product supplier. We offer our partners a business opportunity.
Modular, innovative and flexible, the Business System has allowed the group to grow rapidly while maintaining a light and agile structure


A large company made up of many small companies linked together by a single data processing platform.


Companies are completely integrated with the network through the internet, and studied for the real time sharing and maximum exploitation of information.


the Business System has been conceived so as to allow the Development of both internal lines (new licensees or companies) and external lines (new trademark purchases).

The BasicNet Group has planned its development on a "network" business model.
identifying, in the licensee, the ideal partner for the diffusion, distribution and provision of its own products in the the world

The BasicNet Group takes care of the strategic work:

  • Product Research and Development

  • Global Marketing

  • Licensee Network Development and co-ordination

  • Information Technology or the creation of new software to allow the online management of every process in the offer

  • Strategic Finance

The licensees are entrusted with:

  • distributing the products to the retailers

  • local marketing activities

  • territorial logistics

  • financing of the working capital following the Group's guidelines

Web Integrated Company

BasicNet is a networked company, exclusively made up of entrepreneurs , each carrying out a portion of the clothing industry’s pipeline.

All this still in a competitive way, without the possibility of trusts cropping up at any level.

All the main exchange procedures and related information is managed by it systems owned by the Group and without the use of paper.

The Group’s activity and performance can therefore be verified and corrected in real time.


BasicNet has also organised the system of direct sale to the public, at present managed by the Group-owned Italian licensee BasicItalia