Brand identity

Robe di Kappa® is a brand specifically designed for those people who, both during their leisure time and in professional activities that allow for an informal clothing, prefer modern, high-quality and cost-effective clothing. Therefore, Robe di Kappa® is dedicated to dynamic, modern and open-minded people.


The Robe di Kappa® brand was created in Turin in 1968, thanks to the insights of Maurizio Vitale, young CEO of Maglificio Calzificio Torinese, a family-owned textile company established by Maurizio’s grandfather, Abramo, in 1916. During a TV program, Vitale saw John Lennon wearing a military shirt belonging to a soldier dead in Vietnam. He realized that trends among young people at the end of 1960s were changing also in the way of dressing. Vitale then decided to dye Kappa® t-shirts with green (at the time, Kappa® was dedicated to underwear, stockings and undershirts) stored at the company’s warehouse and unsold: he enriched them with military badges and symbols, thus obtaining a market share in the growing informal clothing segment. The name of the brand was established a little late, during a meeting between Vitale and Lattes, Chairman of Maglificio Calzificio Torinese at the time. Observing the 1960s-style Kappa® t-shirts, Lattes asked Vitale: “And what are we going to call this stuff?” And Vitale answered: “Stuff? Let’s call it Robe di Kappa , then.

Robe di Kappa