Brand identity

Jesus® is the distinguishing brand for Italian jeans. A product and a brand inextricably linked to young people, freedom and to the radical transformation of society that was, in the Seventies, the Software Revolution. Jesus® Jeans is on sale in the best Italian shops with a collection of denim items fully traceable and toxic free treated.


Jesus® was created in 1971 by Maurizio Vitale and Oliviero Toscani. In a very short time, Jesus® Jeans became a symbol for all those young people living in Western countries, also thanks to historic advertising campaigns, that were extraordinary and controversial at the same time. In 1980 Jesus® Jeans was launched in the Soviet Union, and obtained a share also in that market. At the beginning of 1990s, following some difficulties experienced by Maglificio Calzificio Torinese after the early death of Maurizio Vitale, the production of Jesus® Jeans was interrupted. Following the acquisition of the brand, BasicNet has maintained a niche commercial activity until 2011, when Jesus® Jeans is relaunched on the market after the great success at the Pitti Fair 2011 in Florence.

Jesus Jeans