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A new K-Way® shop opens in France
The licensee K-Way® France opens a new store in Rouen, in the north of the Country, dedicated to the quintessential rainproof brand. The 50 square meters shop is located in 26, rue Ganterie, in the city center, not far from the river Seine. The new items and accessories of the K-Way® Q3Q4 2015 (fall/winter) collection are  more...


We bring together a great number of entrepreneurs from all over the world with a common objective. We handle all critical information pertaining to the supply chain. We earn a service commission of approximately a third of the added value generated by the entire process, capitalizing on increase of the brand value due to sales development. We do all this while continuously researching and implementing the best IT technology and the driving constant improvement of web integration to manage all our business processes. We stand for antitrust of the network.



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